Our applications for other materials

AMIS offers an extensive range of shredders, granulators and other machines that can be used for the size reduction of almost all materials.

We offer you a solution

We would be happy to advise you on your specific application and also perform machine tests on your material in our in-house technical centre.


Size reduction of multi-layered composite tubes of different thicknesses and nominal diameters with the ZCS 1400 combined shredder/granulator for internal further processing by the customer.


Size reduction of PUR mattresses using a ZHS 1700 single-shaft shredder and downstream granulator type GSE 500/1000.


The size reduction of renewable raw materials, such as coconut shells, as shown here, with shredders and granulators, is becoming increasingly important with the use of alternative insulation and building materials.


The issue of volume reduction is a major aspect with many special materials. AMIS briquetting presses help to reduce the volume of materials, such as polystyrene, paper, cardboard etc. so that it can be transported more effectively and cheaply.

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