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AMIS film dryer Type MTM 1000

Brand AMIS
75 kW
Condition: Used
Status: Sold
Article number: 10888

Rotor width: approx. 1.400 mm
Weight: approx. 3.500kg

The mechanical dryer type MTE is used in a washing system with pre-shredded or in a wet granulator system for surface drying of plastics such as film, PET bottle flake, etc.

The input material enters the upper end of the dryer by a transport screw, cyclone separator or other material handling equipment. The inner rotor of the mechanical dryer transports the material flake from the in-feed side to the discharge side. The specific angular degree of the rotor flights determines the total dwell travel time of the material inside the dryer and the final residual moisture content of the discharged material.

During the material transport inside the dryer the material is forced against the rotor and screen surface to achieve a product contact surface cleaning. The water and residual water is forced out through the screen cage which surrounds the mechanical dryer rotor.

The outer surface of the circular screen is equiped with a orbital brush type wiper to clean the outer surface of the screen cage and prevent contamination buildup. The inner housing can be equipped with optional water injection nozzles when processing unusually high contamination content materials.

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