AMIS 2-shaft shredder ARS 1200

The 2-shaft shredder ARS 1200 convinces with its modular structure and thus with its maximum flexibility.

The AMIS 2-shaft shredder contains a CNC-finished, massive grind chamber which is completely, screwed in, making it easy to maintain.

The machine housing, as well as its bearing, are protected with wear protection rings or plates. The gear motor generates both six-edged working shafts, which can be provided with different, changeable cutting disks.

Both of the working shafts are stored in SKF bearings with lifespan greasing. Optionally, an automatic battery- charged continuously lubrication unit can be installed into the main bearings.

To change the wear protected plates and the scraper, disassembling the machine housing is not necessary. Thanks to the horizontally divided bearing plates the rotors, together with their bearings, can be mounted and disassembled from the top — all of this in the shortest time.

Therefore, a rotor change with different cutting tools can be carried out easily. The dimensions of the mill chamber can be adjusted with almost no effort. Thereby the motor assembly, size of gearbox, mounting position and rotor speed can be adjusted accordingly.


Technical Information

Cutting chamber: 600×1200 mm
Number of cutting discs: 60 (Hardox)
Cutting disc width : 19 mm
Maximum cutting disc diameter: 295 mm
Number of scraper: 2
Drive capacity: 2x 15kW, 400 V, 50 Hz
Weight: 2800 kg

Use specific options

  • adapted base frame
  • special hopper
  • shafts with different tools and cutting discs (diameter, size, strength, form, material quality)
  • different drive capacities
  • different gearbox sizes with various rotation speed

Electric control

The machine is operated via the modern Simens S 7/1200- controller with up-to-date 7- inch touchscreen display. Both gear motors are controlled, load-dependant, via the revers circuit.

Based on material and application, three different control programs can be provided.


Areas of application

The new 2-shaft shredder can be used, e.g. milling of plastic containers, rugs of the automotive industry and wasted rubber.

The machine can be adjusted to different applications.


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