ZERMA ZXS 3000 – the Goliath of the ZERMA-shredders

9. December 2020

Zerma shredders are, divided into 9 production series, which on the one hand feature universal capabilities, and on the other hand they contribute individual, practice- and use oriented assets.

To characterise the ZXS 3000 in comparison to other models and production series, only one word is needed — BIG; big in every aspect.

Not only in size and weight of approx. 27 tones, but also in working width of 3 meters, rotor diameter of 750 millimetres, drive power of 2x 132 kW and the reachable capacity of 6 tons plus per hour.

The big and heavy rotor, the low rotor speed as well as the high torque, contribute to the low current peak, which means high energy costs are avoided. All shredders of the ZXS production series contain the 2-step hydraulic system.

This system maximises the capacity due to higher speed of the hydraulic pusher in the backward movement. Knife and knife holder are completely screwable and attached to the rotor.

The generously dimensioned, the outside installed rotor bearings and a hydraulic swivelling screen basket count as standard equipment.

Beyond that, the machines can be optimised and expanded with numerous options such as, rotor cooler or hardox-facing of the rotor.

Single shaft shredders from the ZXS production series are compensated for their multiple use purposes, as well as for the disintegration of big cavity bodies such as IBCs, breaking up large bottles or foil bales or shredding paper, cardboard, cables, pipe parts et cetera.

This is how we realised a project, in with big PUR foam bales are to be shredded with the ZXS 3000 and the grounded material, due to its large material volume, has to be further cutted to a corn size of 20 millimetres. This was accomplished with two downstreamed ZERMA cutting mills type GSH 800/1600.

Convince yourself of the quality of our machines in the company’s own technical centre in Zuzenhausen, Germany.

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