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Environmental directives

We rely strict sustainable solutions that reconcile economic objectives and ecological aspects. Therefore, the responsible use of existing resources is the basis of our corporate action.

We commit ourselves to comply with all applicable legislation, to save resources and to avoid or reduce environmental pollution and to improve continuously energy efficiency. This happens e.g. through the use of new technologies, waste prevention / separation, reduction of energy consumption.

We inform our employees about all environmental aspects of our company and motivate them to act in an environmentally friendly manner. We actively involve our employees in the improvement suggestion system.

We produce and market our products as environmentally friendly as possible. Companies who are ecologically engaged are preferred.

Danger-free and safe work is part of our responsibility towards our employees. We regularly identify, document and correct weaknesses in workplaces. Compliance with work safety regulations is the top priority.

We are constantly searching for dialogue with our customers, suppliers and the public in all environmentally relevant aspects. We work closely with authorities, associations and other institutions.

The environmental directives are adopted by the management and their compliance is constantly monitored. Any deviations from the target specifications are recorded in a programme of measures and corrective measures are taken.

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