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Overhaul & optimisation

Overhaul & optimisation

In mechanical engineering, the sustainable use of raw materials and resources has become more urgent than ever and is an essential part of our corporate philosophy.

We approach this topic from 2 sides:

On the one hand, we sell machines that form the basis for recycling and the reusability of raw materials. On the other hand, we strive to maximise the sustainability of these machines themselves.

It is our claim to sell machines that meet the highest qualitative standards. However, it is also our claim to get the maximum lifetime out of a machine and to constantly improve and maintain it if necessary.

For this reason, at AMIS Maschinen-Vertriebs GmbH you will not only find new machines, but also used machines of various machine types of all common brands and manufacturers such as Alpine, Condux, Dreher, Herbold, Möser, Pallmann, Rapid, Weima, Zerma, etc.

It does not always have to be new

Our long experience with a wide variety of types and manufacturer brands have made us experts in the overhaul and optimisation of our own and third-party products. Benefit from it!

Come and see for yourself the quality of the overhauled used machines we have in stock at our technical centre!

Sustainability and efficiency do not have to be a contradiction.

Overhauls and optimisations of machines not only contribute to sustainability, but are also economically advantageous for you through extended machine service lifetimes. Through longer running times, less downtime and optimised operation, you get the maximum out of your machines economically!

We overhaul your machine quickly and carefully or optimise it exactly according to your requirements profile if necessary. Depending on the scope, the work can also be done on your premises. Thus, there are no costs for logistics and the operational process is minimally disturbed. We would be happy to discuss individual solutions with you!

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