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AMIS size reduction machines are used in the most diverse industries and applications. AMIS offers the option of modifying standard machines – both new and used – to ensure that the correct solution can always be found for every customer’s specific materials and applications.


AMIS stocks a number of different solutions for the size reduction of all kinds of plastics.

Almost the entire range of size reduction technology is available for the injection moulding, extrusion, blow moulding, rotomoulding and recycling sectors: from slow speed granulators, high-performance granulators and pulverisers to shredders.


The size reduction and recycling of wood waste, including wood pallets, sawing waste or sawdust, is becoming more and more important from a sustainability perspective.

AMIS has a range of size reduction and volume reduction solutions to guarantee the sustainable and complete recycling of this important raw material.

More applications

This section includes an almost limitless range of the most diverse materials, such as aluminium sheets, cables or even coconut fibres and herbs. Size reduction, sorting and volume reduction are again core issues here that AMIS is able to handle with its extensive product range.

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