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Machine service

AMIS Maschinen-Vertriebs GmbH offers you various machine services such as spare parts, maintenance & repair, overhaul & optimisation and hard facing for your new and used machines.

Spare parts service

We always keep spare and wear parts of all common brands (Alpine, Condux, Dreher, Gross, Herbold, Möser, Pallmann, Rapid, Reinbold, Weima, Zerma, etc.) in our extensive warehouse for you.

Maintenance & repair

Thanks to our long experience in the construction of size reduction machinery, our qualified specialists maintain and repair the most diverse types of machines of all common brands and manufacturers.

Overhaul & optimisation

In mechanical engineering, the sustainable use of raw materials and resources has become more urgent than ever and is an essential part of our corporate philosophy.

Hard facing / hard surfacing

For the use of size reduction machinery in the processing of particularly hard materials or heavy-duty applications, we recommend hard facing of the rotor of your size reduction machine.

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Step by step: Overhaul of a machine

Initial situation

Using the example of a single-shaft shredder, we would like to illustrate the step-by-step overhaul and reconditioning of a machine. The single-shaft shredder was in an unserviceable condition when it was delivered.

Step 1

The machine is first completely disassembled, sandblasted, primed and then repainted.

Step 2

All components relevant to the function are checked and reworked or replaced:

  • Overhaul, balance and, if necessary, replace the rotor, the rotor bearings, the knives and the knife support surfaces.
  • Checking the engine bearings
  • Replacement of v-belts
  • Overhaul of the hydraulics
  • Checking the electrical components
  • Establishment of operational safety in the sense of the valid machine guidelines
  • New paint

The exact steps of the overhaul depend on the type of machine (cutting mills, shredders, fine mills, etc.). With high-speed fine mills, for example, it is indispensable to check the concentricity of the drive shaft and restore it if necessary.


A machine after it has been overhauled A used machine overhauled by AMIS is guaranteed for 6 months. This does not apply to parts subject to wear and tear, such as knives and screens.

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