AMIS Volume-Shredder VR60

Brand AMIS
3 kW
  • Plastics
Condition: New

In each economic calculation and public life, waste transports are a key factor. It is less the weight but much more the volume of significant importance. The rising costs of transporting this waste are increasingly an economic problem.

Especially important in the sales sector is the disposal of large quantities of styrofoam and packaging films. The AMIS VR60 ensures at this point a volume reduction of up to 80 percent. Bottles of any type and size for example champagne bottles can be crushed easily. Production rejects, hard drives, plagiarism and much more.

Food leftovers and waste, even bones can be reduced with the VR60 and converted into lectricity and heat in biogas plants.

For example: think of a pledge bottles automat. PET bottles are pressed and because of the existing bar codes, they are held under closure until the evacuation. By using the VR60 you could make the barcodes of the PET bottles unrecognizable and at once achieve a huge volume reduction. Crushed bottles could now be collected in a large container and therefore would not have to be picked up at the collection points on a daily Basis.The vertically moving, wear-free blades of the Shredder ensure quiet and clog-free work.


  • Rotation free shredding System
  • No material winding due to non-rotating knife
  • Automatic feeding through the movement of the knives
  • Low maintenance costs due to wear-resistant steel HBW 600
  • Automatic reversing knives in V form prevent jamming
  • fast component change due to modular system
  • Intelligent control through a compact logic system (PLC)
  • one-button operation
  • Ejection of the material optionally via conveyor belt available
  • Shredder module can be integrated into existing systems
  • Low noise System


  • Dimensions: 90 cm x 70 cm x 85 cm
  • Weight: ca. 190 kg
  • Motor drive: 3 kW
  • Power: 400 V Three-phase AC System
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