CentriCut Granulator type CC 22

Brand sonstige
5,0 kW
2,2 kW
  • Plastics
Condition: Used
Power units: 2
Article number: 11627
Units: 1 available

Rotordiameter: 200 mm
Rotorwidth: 200 mm
3 Rows of Rotor knives
2 rows of Stator knives
Cross section ca. 390 x 300 mm
(Screw feed)
Drive 5,0 + 2,2 kW
With fan 0.55 kW, electrical circuit + frequency converter
Weight approx. 850 kg

Suitable for:
Shredding of plastics such as ABS, POM, PA6, PE, PP, PG, smaller hollow bodies, etc.

Working principle:
A horizontally arranged screw forcibly doses the material flow axially from the inside of the rotor. The centrifugal force generated by the rotating rotor throws the material to be shredded through the open rotor against the grinding chamber wall formed by the sieve and the stator knives, which surrounds a grinding chamber that is completely closed over 360 °.
There it becomes a sharp cut between the rotor and stator knives and low-dust grist. Through the
sieves arranged over a large area around the grinding chamber the crushed regrind is discharged through an integrated, powerful suction system. The opening of the grinding chamber takes place without tools via screen baskets that can be swiveled out to the side, which enables quick screen changes.

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