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Compact granulator ZERMA GSE

  • 7,5 kW - 75 kW
  • Plastic Wood

Compact granulator ZERMA GSE

The GSC and GSE series machines are economically priced, reliable, easy to clean and ensures a dependable operating unit. ZERMA offers a wide range of accessories to enhance the GSC and GSE series such as upgraded material transport systems, conveyor belts, metal separators and fine separators.

GSH 500 / 700

GSH 700 / 1000

General description

The completely welded cutting chamber in conjunction with the “V” type rotor design ensures dependability in operation and universal application use.

The housing design offers easy and quick access to the cutting chamber during rotor and stator knife changes, servicing or screen changes.

Material transport system

The GSE machines are equipped with a material transport system and single bagging station as standard.
Optionally, the GSE machines can be equipped with a stainless-steel material drawer to collect the ground in-feed materials.


The GSE series of machines are designed as economical granulators for use in in house recycling.

The cutting geometry of the GSE 300 series makes it ideal for the grinding of small thin walled hollow parts.

The complete GSE granulator line achieves a high quality regrind independent of the material type or form such as injection moulded parts,blow moulded parts, profiles, sheets, film, etc.

Model range

GSE 300

Rotor diameter (mm)300300300
Rotor width (mm)3006001000
Drive capacity (kW)7.518.518.5
Rotor knifes (rows)333
Stator blades (rows)222
Screen size (mm)> 6> 6> 6
Effective working area (mm)400 x 290400 x 590400 x 990
Weight approx. (kg)90010001350

GSE 500

Rotor diameter (mm)500500500500
Rotor width (mm)50070010001400
Drive capacity (kW)30374545
Rotor knifes (rows)3 or 53 or 53 or 53 or 5
Stator blades (rows)2 or 32 or 32 or 32 or 3
Screen size (mm)> 6> 6> 6> 6
Effective working area (mm)500 x 500500 x 700500 x 990500 x 1400
Weight approx. (kg)1500175031003900

GSE 700

Rotor diameter (mm)700700700
Rotor width (mm)70010001400
Drive capacity (kW)455555
Rotor knifes (rows)7 x 27 x 27 x 2
Stator blades (rows)2 + 12 + 12 + 1
Screen size (mm)> 6> 6> 6
Effective working area (mm)720 x 700720 x 990720 x 1400
Weight approx. (kg)284035304500

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