Slow speed granulators

Slow Speed Granulator GSL 300

7,5 kW
18,5 kW
  • Plastics
Condition: New
Article number: Baureihe GSL 300 / Neumaschine

The V shaped arrangement of the staggered rotor blades holds pre-cut material in the center of the cutting chamber. This prevents material sticking to the side walls and considerably reduces wear on the grinding chamber walls when processing fibre and glass reinforced plastics. The staggered rotor blades creates an individual blade cut thus increasing the cutting torque.

In addition to all the important advantages and features described for the GSL 180 range, the GSL 300/400 – GSL 300/800 slow run-ning machines are especially suitable for larger mouldings such as car door liners, bumpers or hollow bodied parts.

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